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ShortsAndLongs is an easy and straightforward spread betting platform.

Spreadex, a trusted broker in the spread and sports betting industry, set up ShortsAndLongs. It is easy to use, simple to use, and has many features that are beneficial for novice traders. Spreadex is a relatively new business that was launched in 2008. However, it has the industry experience and longevity many traders seek.

ShortsAndLongs' most popular feature is the guaranteed stop loss order with no additional fees. This means that you can avoid losing a lot of money, something that isn't offered by any spread betting service. This is one of the major advantages that the new traders can take advantage of for this offers them a leverage unlike any.

This one characteristic can save a novice trader who doesn't know how to respond in volatile markets. They won't lose more money than what they have deposited. ShortAndLong allows you to trade with spread betting, but the funds that are lost will be returned to your account. The bettor has the option to increase their guaranteed stoploss at any time they wish.

Spreads can be tighter and more aggressive when you consider the guaranteed stoploss. Normally, other businesses provide larger spreads but some firms also thought that there is also additional cost if you are the spread betting broker.

The platform used is very amazing; it is highly function and easy to use with immediate response time to avoid lagging. The support system is through electronic mail that simply means how high end the operation goes.

The drawback is that not anyone can use the trading platform since they do not offer wide range market like other better spread betting brokers as well as they lack detailed data which expert investors sought after. In addition, for rookies, it is considered to be an ideal platform to utilize and gain knowledge from. For those looking for a good spread betting broker and sports betting firm, positively ShortsAndLongs should be worth the look over. Togel Singapore

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